KEEN Footwear

KEEN is a manufacturer of hybrid footwear, socks and bags, a brand that breathes “outdoor”. KEENs products enable outdoor enthusiasts to live an active lifestyle. Outdoor is defined by KEEN as all activities without “roof” limits, which means that KEENs products suit the true adventurer as for the active urban man. The brand is characterized by constant environmental thinking, functionality and fit.

When KEEN was founded in 2003 a question was asked – can a sandal protect toes? The answer was yes, and the famous Newport sandal was born, which has the patented toe protection technology. Today, KEEN has about 130 different ”models” styles.

The company strives to take responsibility with integrity and leadership, particularly with regard to social and environmental commitments and promote a vibrant community that attracts all types of outdoor enthusiasts. By its giving program Hybrid Care KEEN supports a variety of social and environmental organizations around the world.

Based in Portland, Oregon, KEENS products are available in more than 5 000 stores in more than 50 countries.

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